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Testimonial: Joanne Glister

Looking for help and support to reach an epic goal of 100 lifetime marathons, Joanne came to see Bridget in September as she geared up to take on her final 16 marathons by the end of 2021.

We are delighted to say, that with Bridget's help, Joanne successfully ran her 100th lifetime marathon in December 2021 and we couldn't be prouder - huge congratulations Joanne!

Joanne has written the most wonderful testimonial about her work with Bridget, so if you are planning a challenge of your own, why not read her full, glowing testimonial below and see how Bridget can help you achieve your goals too:

"When I first came to Physical Balance I was embarking on a tough feat of running endurance and I knew I needed some expert help to ensure my body wasn't going to give up on me.

I first saw Bridget at the end of Sept and I told her I was about to run 16 marathons in the next 3 months with my next event planned for mid October and the big event - my 100th lifetime Marathon - planned for the end of December.

I half expected to be told I was mad, but instead Bridget spoken to me about my fitness, my body, any niggles that I had and any problems I experienced whilst running. Then she came up with a plan of support work she could do to help my body along the way, exercises and stretches I could do at home and lots of help and teaching of what to do properly with KT tape!

Bridget listened and supported me in everything I needed at either weekly or fortnightly appointments over those very focussed 3 months. Her positive approach to what I was attempting to achieve helped me stay positive and believe that my body could do it and was a huge part of why I was able to fulfil the plan. I ran my 100th Marathon on December 28th, pain free, in great shape and enjoyed every moment of it!

The team at Physical Balance have also been fantastic; the welcome, the client care before appointments and after, and the interest the wider team took in me and my challenge was fantastic and motivational.

I can't recommend Bridget enough, her knowledge and commitment and care is excellent, and Physical Balance as an organization has been a fantastic find for me. My absolute thanks to Bridget and the team at Physical Balance for all their help, support and care.

I absolutely recommend!"

Thank you Joanne, and huge congratulations once again on your achievement. We look forward to seeing you in clinic very soon and hearing about your next challenge!


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