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Benign Lesion & Skin Tag Removal 

using Advanced Electrolysis & Cryotherapy

Types of Lesions
All appointments are 15 minutes and will use either advanced Electrolysis or
Cryotherapy with CryoPenR Technology for your treatment. *Note in some cases for example the removal of moles we may require you to obtain a letter of consent from your GP.

On the day of your appointment a consultation will be carried out with new clients by a fully qualified practitioner before proceeding to your treatment. They will explain the process and your expected outcome of your treatment. The number of treatments you require will depend on the number of tags and lesions you have, as well as their size. This will be discussed with you in your appointment.  


Prior to your appointment you will be required to complete a simple pre-screen questionnaire.  Note in some cases for example the removal of moles we will require you to obtain a consent letter from your GP before you attend.  

Our Treatments Explained:



Cryotherapy with CryoPenR allows millimetre precision for removing all benign skin lesions with no more collateral damage to healthy tissue.


Cryotherapy is the controlled destruction of unwanted tissue by the precise application of extreme cold and is recognised as the benchmark in dermatology practice worldwide. Cryotherapy freezes enough to achieve tissue necrosis and only freezes to a certain point (-27°C) to precent collateral damage. 


During the treatment, patients may experience a slight pain sensation due to the temperatures being utilised. There might be a little residual stinging for a few minutes after treatment and It is normal to experience some slight inflammation, mild blistering  and scabbing  for a few days. You will be given aftercare instructions following your appointment. 

Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis treatment for skin tag removal is a virtually painless solution. You may experience some slight stinging whilst the tag is being removed but most find this only mildly uncomfortable. Utilising this method we cauterise skin tags using an electrolysis needle. This treatment removes skin tags without leaving any scars.  




Immediately after you might see some discolouration and redness which is completely normal. A simple aftercare routine will be advised during your treatment. 

Skin Tag Removal Fees
For removal of a small-medium sized tag or a small cluster tags

For a larger lesion removal or multiple small-medium tags (up to 5)
From £75

For multiple small-medium tags (6 or more)
From £100


Follow up appointments as necessary will be charged at  £25 per attendance.

For full details on private medical insurance and our cancellation policy, please visit the Our Fees page.

*We accept payment by all major credit & debit cards, excluding American Express. Alternatively, we are happy for you to pay via BACS. (Unfortunately, we are no longer able accept cheques).

If you have private medical insurance, please be aware that individual policies vary, and we cannot legislate for which services your provider and policy will or will not cover for you. We therefore recommend you contact your private medical insurance company with your policy details and check ahead of booking your appointment.

About the treaments
Our team

Our skin treatment specialists

Samantha Joyce.jpg

Samantha Joyce

Reflexologist & Skin Specialist

Level 3 Diploma – Holistic Therapies


Danielle Doughty

Medically Trained Practitioner

Rachel (2).jpg

Rachel McWilliams

Medically Trained Practitioner

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