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Sports & Remedial massage can help you with a wide range of conditions including:
  • Alleviate chronic pain and reduce discomfort. 

  • Prevent and manage sports-related and soft tissue injuries. 

  • Release muscle tension and tightness.  

  • Enhance blood circulation and oxygen delivery to targeted areas. 

  • Accelerate recovery for athletes and rigorous trainers. 

  • Promote healing and breakdown of scar tissue post-surgery. 

  • Addresses issues such as headaches, abdominal pain, lower back pain, and sciatic pain. 

  • Speed up post-injury recovery. 

  • Optimize overall performance. 

About this treatment
Sports & Remedial Massage
(45 minutes)

The primary focus of a Sports and Remedial Massage therapist is to restore the function of soft tissues, including muscles, skin, ligaments, and fascia to an area of discomfort such as your back, neck or legs. This is achieved through precise pressure application in different directions, influencing blood flow, nerves, and muscle fibres. It aims to address common aches and pains that stem from everyday life, such as a stiff neck, tense shoulders, or aching lower back. It helps restore balance and mobility. 


In addition to hands-on therapy, our massage therapists provide guidance on rehabilitation and exercises to maintain performance and prevent further injuries. Whether applied before or after a sporting event, massage has been proven to enhance physical performance, and its psychological benefits are equally valuable. It complements any training regimen, whether you're preparing for a marathon, triathlon, or simply staying fit. For specialized sports therapy, we also have a fully qualified Sports Therapist available on-site. 

Sports & Remedial Massage Fees

£50 45 minutes

For full details on private medical insurance and our cancellation policy, please visit the Our Fees page.

Sports & Remedial Massage
Full Body Sports Massage
(60 & 90 minutes)

If you're seeking a longer sports massage or a whole-body approach, our Full Body Sports Massage is the ideal choice. This results-oriented treatment offers you all the benefits of a targeted Sports Massage, using the same firm pressure associated with a deeper sports massage but is applied comprehensively across your entire body. 

Note: for those wanting to extend this to a 90 minute massage please call our reception team to arrange.   

Full Body Sports Massage Fees

£65 60 minutes

£85 90 minutes

For full details on private medical insurance and our cancellation policy, please visit the Our Fees page.

Full Body Sports Massage

For those who prefer a gentler approach to full-body relaxation, be sure to explore our Deep Tissue or holistic massage options featured within our Wellness Massage menu, including Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

Sports Therapy

With our focus on complementary health you may also find benefit from Acupuncture, Osteopathy or Sports Therapy.

Sports and Remedial Massage Fee

45 minutes £50

Full Body Sports Massage Fee

60 minutes £65

90minutes £85

For full details on our cancellation policy, please visit the Our Fees page.


*We accept payment by all major credit & debit cards, excluding American Express. Alternatively, we are happy for you to pay via BACS. (Unfortunately, we are no longer able accept cheques).

If you have private medical insurance, please be aware that individual policies vary, and we cannot legislate for which services your provider and policy will or will not cover for you. We therefore recommend you contact your private medical insurance company with your policy details and check ahead of booking your appointment.

Our Sports Massage team

Hannah King.jpg

Hannah King

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

LSSM (Dip) MISRM – Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy

Untitled-1 (1).webp

Jamie Gough

Sports Massage Therapist

BTEC Level 5 - Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy

Robyn Sharpe.jpg

Robyn Sharpe

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist

BTEC LSSM – Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy & Pilates Teacher


Maria Bull

Sports Massage Therapist

ITEC Level 3 - Diploma in Sports Massage

Our team

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