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The Lacing Guide

Did you know that the way you tie your laces can have a direct effect on your foot health?

Our feet bear the weight of our entire body and play a crucial role in maintaining balance and mobility, so they are a very key part of our body to look after. We all know a good fitting pair of shoes is important, but what would you say if we told you that the way you tie your laces is equally as important and can have a direct effect on your foot health?

Often our trainers come already laced and we don’t think about how the lacing style can affect your foot. So, if you wear trainers quite a lot and end up with pain, have some irritability or pins and needles after you’ve done a long walk or a run, sometimes how you lace them, can help relieve these pressures.

We’ve put together a series of videos to help explain the different lacing techniques that you can use to protect your feet, depending on what you're symptoms you are experiencing and the shape of your foot.

Here's our episode summary and just click on the links to watch the videos:


We'll be sharing these techniques on our social pages so please follow along, give them a try and let us know if you’ve found our techniques useful. Plus if you know someone who you think would benefit, please share it with them too!

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please visit or call the team on 01256 770022 and they’ll be happy to help.


Sarah Fincken – Foot Health Practitioner

Read more about Sarah in Our Team section


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