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Living in harmony with the seasons is the best way to look after yourself

Patients often come in on the change of seasons to get balanced in accordance to how the qi is moving differently.

Winter is the season which is associated with Kidneys, and what this means is that the Kidneys tend to become deficient during this season - it is their ‘low’ time.

Kidneys store your ‘life essence’ and when we overwork or push ourselves too hard in any capacity, we risk burning up our reserves too quickly, and creating problems later in life.

Problems which can manifest from Kidney deficiency are bone related, also joints, back and knees.

As we age, the decline of Kidney energy can also lead to memory loss, greying and losing of hair, loss of hearing, tooth decay and at any point in life can manifest as extreme fear and anxiety.

The Kidneys are paired with the Bladder - the Bladder channel runs up the back of the spine, on either side. Stagnation on the bladder channel will often manifest as back pain. Stretching and massage, as well as staying hydrated and eating a seasonal, Kidney nourishing diet will help to keep the qi moving in this channel.

Looking after the Kidneys during winter is imperative to future health and longevity. How do we do this? Become more yin. More still, restful, BEing more and DOing less, staying warm and eating and drinking lots of nourishing soups, stews and beverages - like bone broth.

It completely amazes me how in the west we pretty much do the exact opposite of this. We start cutting calories and eating cold, raw fruit and salads in an attempt to ‘get healthy’. We also embark upon punishing exercise routines when rest and recoup is the order of the day!

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to stick to resolutions? Now you know! Not only is it optimum to replenish our reserves during winter, but if you do so you will be infinitely more likely to actually achieve your desired results come spring. The ancient Chinese Medicine text the nei Jing states -

‘It is the concentrated, internal force of winter that enables a seed to burst forth in spring growth.’

So if you were looking for a sign, this is it! January is not the optimum time to be starting with your resolutions. Springtime is the best time for this. All you need to do is observe nature to know that what I am telling you is true. Nature is hibernating during the winter and there is an uprising of energy in the spring. You can ‘piggyback’ on the energy of nature to assist you in reaching your goals - all goals - goals of the body as well as your life goals - because the springtime is the domain of the liver - and manifestation of plans and goals is the domain of the Liver also. See you in the spring!

Carolyn Sykes - Acupuncturist

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