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Prepare for Spring

With spring around the corner and the end of lockdown in sight 🤞 now the time to start planning your return to activities. From gardening to golf, or cycling to cricket we have all had a long winter. Something we notice in April and May each year is the number of overuse injuries we see that could be easily avoided with the right preparation. So here are some tips to get you started.

1. Plan - What does your activity look like? Do you need strength, stamina, flexibility.....

Once you know what is required build a plan to suit you.

2. Warm-up - Before starting any activity build your way up slowly and listen to your body. This way you can prepare your muscles and joints for the return more gradually and prevent injury.

3. Avoid repetitive activities - Overuse injuries are as it says on the tin, overuse. Avoid repetitive actions by breaking up your tasks.

4. Take breaks - So not let yourself get tired when you are just starting out. Allow your body time to build towards the fitness levels you need.

5. Stretch - Gently and slowly. Keep an eye on our social media for the popular 'Stretch of the Week' you may find something to help you.


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