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How to avoid pain when wrapping presents this year

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Christmas is just around the corner and whilst the elves have been busily making the toys, someone has to wrap them. If you are anything like us, this yearly tradition usually ends up causing a sore low back. Most people build up a pile of presents, ready the scissors, paper and tape, sit on the floor and go for it in one take. This position is not one that many of us do during the rest of the year and our muscles take a strain. Similar to a trip to the gym, we end up with delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMs, which in the lower back can have longer term effects on our pain. Why not break the tradition this year with a few tips on how to wrap presents and have a pain free year.

1. Avoid sitting on the floor.

Using the floor adds a constant stretch into your muscles and we all know wrapping can take hours. By using a table and standing you can ensure you use your arms and not back whilst maintaining a comfortable posture.

2. Create an area with everything you need.

Keep everything in reach. Earlier in the year we spoke about desk posture, wrapping is no different. Your scissors, wrapping paper, tape and ribbons should be no more than an arms length away.

3. Wrap as you buy.

Rather than building up a pile, why not wrap a little at a time. That way you limit the likelihood of muscle and joint soreness.

4. Take a break and have a mulled wine.

Break it up with some Christmas music and mulled wine (or hot chocolate). Whilst you are taking a break make sure you stretch!


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