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How many hours a day do you sit for?

The Average adult in the UK spends 14 hours per day sitting. This may sound like an over estimate but lets break it down. From the old commuting days to now our home offices, we move onto our dinning tables and then finally end the day on the sofa. The hours can soon add up and before you know it we have barely stood up all day.

Now, is this really all that bad? Held in the correct posture sitting does allow our bodies to rest and relives pressure from our legs and glutes. Also there are the relaxing benefits from being on the sofa unwinding after a long day. Lets face it sitting feels comfortable. 14 hours is a long time though and we have seen the benefits of exercises for both physical and mental health (take a look at our previous blog

Have a think about how long you sit for on an average day and you might shock yourself. Build in some time to get up and move around and re check your desk set up.


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