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Laptop Neck

Laptop use during lockdown has significantly increased in line with working from home. Even if you have a desktop set up this might apply to you. The set-up of your workstation is paramount to your posture and if this is incorrect you may be prone to shoulder, neck and lower back pain.

So why is it so bad?

We position our head so that our eyes are in the best position to see the screen. If a screen is lower than eye level (as in the case of a laptop), we move our head down and forward so our eyes are optimally positioned. This causes a hunched posture which leads to tight muscles at the front of the neck and chest. It also reduces the naturally supportive curves in our necks and lower backs.

During lockdown lots of workers, now at home, are increasing screen use and as they become absorbed by ‘that task’ they become unaware of their poor posture.

How can you help?

Raising the height of your screen can help. You need to simply match the top of the screen with the level of the top of your head when sitting in good posture. This can be done with a stack of books or a laptop riser. If you can it is also a good idea to use an external keyboard and mouse.  

If its too late and lockdown has caused you any problems, get in touch and we can give you some advice.


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