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Running Analysis

Running analysis is about so much more than having the right trainers.  From runners to Nordic walkers through to people struggling with arthritic joints, analysis is used as a diagnostic tool to aid the following issues.
  • Sports injury recovery

  • Osteoarthritis rehabilitation

  • Footwear advice

  • Running performance

  • Foot and ankle posture (Pronation / Neutral / Supination)

  • Knee and hip pain

The term ‘gait analysis’ is the technical term for running analysis, and refers to the diagnostic tool used to professionally assess running and walking technique.  This can be done visually, but here at Physical Balance we use the latest technology to digitally map your joints in order to offer tailored and bespoke advice.


The benefits from a professional gait analysis can be wide ranging. 


Performance – To determine any areas of muscle weakness. These can be addressed to improve your efficiency, for example increasing speed and power.

Footwear advice – We can help you choose the correct trainers for your running style.

Injury – Chronic, or long term, injury will generally have a biomechanical cause, leading to frustrating recovery times.  Gait analysis enables us to offer corrective advice, and may also decrease your chance of future injury risk.

At Physical Balance our gait analysis is performed as part of the Sport Therapy service within our rehabilitation studio.  Our Sports Therapist will explore your goals, before filming you run or walk on the treadmill.  Following detailed analysis we will share the results and develop your bespoke plan.


For more information about running analysis or if you have any questions about how it would benefit you please contact us.

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