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Skin Tag, Red Vein & Red Spot removal – the full report

In October, we launched several new treatments here at Physical Balance - Skin Tag, Fine Red Vein & Red Spot removal - so I wanted to take a little time to explain them in more detail; what each of them are; how they are treated; and what you can expect after your appointment:

Skin Tag Removal

Some people are more susceptible to developing skin tags than others and thousands of people have them. Medical experts believe that genetics play a huge role in whether you are predisposed to developing skin tags. A skin tag can crop up anywhere on the body. They are most commonly found on the face, underarms, neck and below the bra line. They may also form on the bikini-line and the eyelids.

Skin tags are brownish/skin coloured, wobbly, soft flaps of skin and are the result of friction caused by skin-to-skin contact or when the skin rubs against clothing. Skin tags are generally small in size and although annoying, are not harmful. They can become as big as a grape in some cases.

Advanced Electrolysis offers a highly effective solution for removing skin tags. It is a fuss-free and affordable treatment to remove skin tags from your body and face*. The results are highly effective and usually permanent. There is a possibility that more skin tags can develop in certain areas of high friction over time. These will be new skin tags and not an existing skin tag re-forming.

*There are some cases of skin tags that unfortunately cannot be removed. Skin tags on the eyelids or very close to the eyes cannot be removed with Advanced Electrolysis and skin tags that have a large attachment to the skin are unfortunately outside of our remit. If you are unsure if yours can be removed, please get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to have a chat.

Here at Physical Balance, we cauterise skin tags using an electrolysis needle. This treatment removes skin tags without leaving any scars. The number of treatments you require will depend on the number of tags you have as well as their size.

Advanced Electrolysis treatment for skin tag removal is a virtually painless solution. You don’t need any anaesthesia for removing skin tags. There is a slight stinging sensation whilst the tag is being removed but most find this just slightly uncomfortable.

Immediately after you might see some discolouration and redness. Don’t worry, it’s only temporary. Other than that, there’s no permanent scarring with Advanced Electrolysis treatment for skin tags and a simple aftercare routine is advised and emailed to you.

Fine Red Vein Removal

Red thread veins are small veins that commonly occur on the face and look like spider webs or threads. They are commonly caused by ageing, alcohol consumption, injury, exposure to harsh weather conditions and astringent products.

Red thread veins can be safely and effectively removed using Advanced Electrolysis to cauterise the veins. Normally, depending on the size of the area to be treated, a course of treatments is required. This will be discussed at your appointment.

An initial redness is present straight after treatment and a simple aftercare routine is emailed to you for the following 24-48 hrs. Whilst the healing process is active, very small scabs can occur and it may look as though the veins have returned. Once healed (usually within 2-4weeks) the scabs will naturally fall off, leaving the skin clear. Removing red thread veins can really improve the over-all appearance of your complexion, as red thread veins can give your skin a red/pinkish flush.

Advanced Electrolysis for Red Thread Veins is most effective on the face and upper body. Unfortunately most veins on the legs and lower torso need a different treatment called Sclerotherapy as they tend to be too big to treat with our equipment.

Red (Blood) spot Removal

Blood spots or red moles are common skin growths made up of a collection of small blood vessels. They can develop on most areas of the body and are usually found on people over the age of 30. They’re also known as cherry angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots.

Blood spots are a type of skin growth that is typically not any cause for concern unless it bleeds often or changes in size, shape, or colour. Blood spots can be easily removed using Advanced Electrolysis and normally only require 1 treatment. In cases of larger sized blood spots, a course of treatments may be needed, and this will be discussed at your appointment.

Red Blood Spots are often bright red in colour and circular/oval in shape. They can be flat on the skin or raised spots. Most often found on the torso, arms, legs and sometimes face, their size can range from a pinhead to 0.5cm.

The exact cause of Red Blood Spots is unknown, but they have been linked to a genetic factor that can mean some people are much more likely to develop them than others. They can also occur in pregnancy, and with expose to certain chemicals & different climates.

Once a Red Blood Spot has been treated there will be an initial redness in the area. This will usually go down after a couple of hours and a simple aftercare routine is advised and emailed to you. You will notice over the next 2-4 weeks; the spot will turn brown as the healing process begins and a small scab will form. This will then naturally fall off and the skin will be healed underneath.

If you have any questions, or you think you could benefit from seeing me in clinic, don't hesitate to contact us on 01256 770022 or visit our website for more details and my full availability.

Samantha Joyce - Reflexologist & Skin Specialist

Read more about Samantha in Our Team section


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