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Keeping Active

Many of our patients have increased their activity levels over the last few months. We have seen runners, cyclists, walkers and even some newbies on a kayak. Whether this has been an increase in activity or a new hobby we thought it would be a good idea to give you some tips on how to take care of your body.

1. Variety – each time you go out do something different. A new route, a shorter but faster run or just focus on your breathing technique. This variety increases enjoyment but also reduces the likelihood of repetitive injuries.

2. Mobility – Do something to balance your activity. Many of the activities you have started will be repeatedly using the same muscle groups. Balance these by finding some time to stretch, do yoga/pilates or a post activity warm down.

3. Posture – Ensure that you are doing it right. Ask someone to take a look at you at some point during your activity. You may find you have slipped into bad posture without knowing it. If you’re on a bike, make sure you have it fitted to you by a professional.

We love that you are keeping active, but we’ve got your back if you need us.


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