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Sports & Remedial Massage

Massage is a treatment that has evolved from the instinctive and reflex reaction to rub something that hurts.  As a result, there are many forms, schools of thought and qualifications that can be described as massage. The focus of a massage therapist is to restore function of soft tissues, including muscles, skin, ligaments and fascia. This is achieved by applying direct pressure in differing directions influencing blood flow, nerves and the muscle fibres.

Remedial massage aims to address aches and pains that arise from day to day life whether it be a stiff neck, those crunchy shoulders or achy lower back. Remedial massage works to get things moving and finding some balance.

A massage therapist will also give advice on rehabilitation and exercises to maintain performance or prevent further injury.  When applied to sport, massage can be used both pre and post event. It has been shown to help improve sporting performance and its psychological effects cannot be underestimated. Sports massage is the perfect complement to a training programme. Whether it be training for a marathon, triathlon or merely keeping fit, sports massage can help you be at your best. We also have a fully qualified Sports Therapist on site for those who require this specialised service.

Sports & Remedial Massage can help support you in;

  • Decreasing pain and alleviating chronic pain conditions.

  • Prevention and management of sports and soft tissue injuries.

  • Releasing tension and tightness in the muscles.

  • Increase blood flow and oxygen to treatment area.

  • Faster recovery time for athletes or people who train rigorously.

  • Breaking down and healing of scar tissue post-surgical operation.

  • Can improve problems such as headaches, abdominal pain, low back pain and sciatic pain.

  • Can be used in treatment for muscle cramps, whiplash, muscular atrophy, fibrositis, spondylitis, and arthritis.

  • Increasing the rate of recovery post-injury,

  • Reduction of psychological and physical stress levels and increasing relaxation, and improving the quality and quantity of sleep

  • Optimising Performance

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