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Love your Liver this Springtime

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

It's springtime and according to the Chinese Medicine Five Element system, we are aware of the Liver predominantly in this season.

What does this mean? It means this is an opportunity for us to clean, renew and create anew; physically, mentally and emotionally.

The Wood element houses the Liver and the Gallbladder which work together in harmony and when well balanced, allow us to plan and make decisions with ease.

Also providing the energy to see our plans through to fruition and allowing the flexibility to bend with life as we navigate our plan, from present moment awareness. To me this is the most exciting part as it means a happy healthy Wood element can assist us to manifest our true desires!

On the flipside, an unhealthy, stagnant toxic Wood element can leave us feeling as such, along with anger, frustration and lethargy.

So the age-old spring clean is the order of the day! A physical detox can be as gentle as a 7 day cleanse, or as strict as a heavy-metal detox and everything in-between.

I would also invite you to spring clean your mind of limiting beliefs that no longer serve you or your future vision, and emotionally clear out and forgive old resentments and triggers that are keeping you sad and stuck (you may need a coach or an acupuncturist to assist you with this deep work).

By all means spring clean your home as well and donate all old outworn clothes and belongings, making space for the new.

And, perhaps most importantly of all, visit an acupuncturist who can balance not only your wood element but also your own constitutional type bringing your whole being back into a harmony unparalleled by any other approach (in my opinion).

I recently read and highly recommend a book by the ‘Medical Medium’ which informs us of just how many functions our Liver performs for us on a daily basis - in excess of 2000!

Your Liver almost literally takes bullets for you on a daily basis, so deep runs its love for you..

Your Liver is also in charge of the smooth flow of Qi and Blood, making sure that all other organs and body systems get what they need - and on the flipside if stagnated, then the other systems in your body also end up suffering from lack of their fair share of resources.

As Chinese Medicine practitioners we are aware that the Liver opens into the eyes, so any issues with eyes or ‘vision’ can be helped by treating the Liver.

Sinews and tendons are also ruled by the Liver so if out of balance you may be experiencing tightness and prolonged injury healing time, headaches and more.

A very simple and easy thing to start doing today to assist your Liver is drinking ‘lime water’ - the juice of 2 limes squeezed into 500ml of water.

In my own acupuncture practice I have had great success with many ‘mystery’ ailments simply by focussing my treatments on harmonising the Liver. I also recommend considering a gallbladder flush during the months of March/April/May.

So, if a clearer mind, more energised and painless body, younger appearance and blissful emotional state does not tempt you to start giving your Liver more love...I’m not sure what will!

Carolyn Sykes - Acupuncturist

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