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Pilates, Yoga & Reformer Pilates

Small group classes and more focussed one-on-one sessions

At Physical Balance, we understand that the most effective path to optimal health and wellbeing is by customising plans to suit your individual needs. Our studio in Basingstoke has been purposefully designed with this principle in mind, ensuring that our classes are tailored to your specific requirements.

To assist you in reaching your wellness objectives, we provide a variety of sessions. These include intimate mat Yoga and Pilates classes, as well as personalised Pilates Equipment sessions, and more. For further information on these sessions and to embark on your well-being journey, please continue reading below. 

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Mat Classes

With a maximum of 8 people, our mat classes offer an intimate session with our experienced instructors.  Choose from the relaxation and indulgence of Yoga or the focused stretching of Pilates - all within the calm
and professional surrounds of Physical Balance, your home of health and wellbeing.

Yoga - £15 / class

Session days / times

Combining physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation techniques, Yoga promotes both physical and mental wellbeing.  Using a holistic approach it boosts flexibility, strength and inner peace.


Pilates - £15 / class

Session days / times

A low impact exercise method focusing on core strength, flexibility and overall body conditioning.  Enhance your physical fitness and promote better posture with emphasis on coordinated movements and breathing control.

Mat Classes
Private sessions
Private Equipment-based sessions

Our personalised sessions are designed with your bespoke needs in mind, and are adapted throughout each session and over time.  Equipment-based Pilates uses various specialised pieces of apparatus including the Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Tower and Chair.  Perhaps the most well known piece of Pilates Equipment, the Reformer is a frame with a moving carriage connected to adjustable springs and straps, creating bespoke and tailored movement resistance helping to place a strong emphasis on precise technique from the start.  This helps create the good foundations for optimal movement during your session, and as you go about your daily life. All the Pilates Equipment is highly adjustable so any movement is always optimised for your body at that moment in time. This personalisation helps you hone the benefits of the Pilates exercises and accelerate the process of reaching your goals. 

1:1 Private session
1:1 Private Pilates Equipment
£65 / session


Taking time to understand your unique needs and motivations, our private 1:1 session is designed to cater for everyone from the complete Pilates novice to practiced veteran. Using the most appropriate pieces of Pilates Equipment for you, our instructor will guide you through your session, adjusting and advising throughout.  Here you will learn how your body functions and gain valuable insight into how to maintain optimal health and wellbeing.   

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2:1 Reformer
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2:1 Pilates Reformer Equipment
£90 (£45 each person) / session

Our 2:1 Reformer session is tailored for two people with similar goals looking for all the benefits of a private session.  Using our Reformer equipment, discover your potential, hone your technique, and feel the change - all whilst being guided as a pair.

3:1 Private sessions
3:1 Pilates Reformer Equipment
£105 (£35 each person) / session

Similar to our 2:1 option, this session gives you the chance to enjoy a bespoke session with friends or family.  Tailored to the needs of the small group, these sessions offer great value with all the benefits that come with equipment-based Pilates.  

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Our team

Our Pilates & Yoga team

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Hannah King

Pilates Instructor



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