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Countless individuals around the world are embracing meditation and reaping its rewards. Throughout our lives, we accumulate layers of beliefs about our identity, the nature of reality, and our capacity for experience. While some beliefs serve us positively, others instil limitations and hindrances. Cease the endless cycle of overthinking and soothe your mind through effective Meditation practice. 

This course is made up of 6 hours of meditation coaching and practice, focusing on various Chakras (energy centres) and aims to give participants the tools to get the best out of meditation practice in future lives. It will be a very calm and relaxing experience. You will be a seated group, with an option to stretch out on a yoga mat from time to time if you prefer. The meditation practical time will be broken down and interspersed with group coaching.
Unrolling Yoga Mat
The benefits of Meditation practice include:


  • Enhance your emotional wellbeing and mental health. 

  • Alleviate stress, anxiety and worry to attain a greater inner peace. 

  • Improve your sleep quality. 

  • Boost your concentration and memory. 

  • Cultivate your inner strength and resilience. 

  • Increase your self-awareness and quality of life. 

Benefits of Meditation
About the course
Learn the Art of Meditation Practice Workshop


Course duration:

Four consecutive weekly 90-minute sessions.  


Course Dates:

Saturday 25th May and 1st, 8th & 15th June

Saturday 29th June and 6th, 13th & 20th July

We have added a second series of dates, so if you can’t make one or more of the classes, you can book and attend that specific class the following month.


Course times: 11.30am - 1pm


Course price:

£130 (£32.50 per session) less your £20 taster class fee if applicable.

The course requires advance payment and includes four 90-minute classes that can be booked over an eight-week period. 


Anyone who books the four-week course will also receive a free class pass to Natasha’s Gentle Yoga /Relaxation and Meditation Class which runs every Tuesday at 5.30pm.


Places are limited so don’t miss out 

Our team

Our Meditation Team


Carolyn Sykes

Acupuncturist & Meditation Coach

Natasha Selby.jpg

Natasha Selby

Studio Instructor -

Dru Yoga & Meditation

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Please note: all payments are taken at time of booking.


If you need any help making your booking, please call us on 01256 770022 and we'll be happy to assist. 

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