Relaxing Massage

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Deep Tissue Massage

A bespoke deep tissue massage completely personalised with you and your body in mind. Tailoring a combination of various massage techniques from around the world to improve overall health, realignment, and wellbeing. Techniques incorporated from Indian, Thai, Balinese and American massage principles create a profound massage to ease aches and pains.

A pre-treatment consultation allows a bespoke deep tissue massage to be tailored to treat your personal complaints and requirements.

Deep Tissue Massage can help support you in;

  • Increasing well being both physically and psychologically

  • Improve range and efficiency of mobility

  • Work to optimise breathing through techniques to aid soft tissue release

  • Pain management to decrease and alleviate pain

  • Release muscular tension

  • Aid post injury recovery

  • Speed up recovery time for sports people and gym users

  • Effectively treat physical stress in the body

  • Aid body performance of circulatory, muscular and lymphatic system  

60 minutes £60

90 minutes £80

For 90 minutes please call Reception

Shape And Contour Massage

This MLD (manual lymphatic drainage massage) is a scientifically proven technique. The method of lymphatic drainage incorporates lighter pressure to stimulate the lymphatic network combined with firm application around the gastric area. Through maintaining rhythmic movements and specific compressions the bodywork will define body contours. The outcome is to stimulate the lymph glands, guiding the lymph flow back to the blood circulation. Helping to flush out water and excess toxins, improving general well-being. Highly recommended for those who wish to treat and reduce water retention, hormonal imbalances, bloating, digestive issues and gain improved body confidence.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can help support you in;

  • Increasing wellbeing both physical and psychological

  • Improve digestive complaints such as IBS, bloating, constipation and gastrointestinal health

  • Restore and support digestive system functioning

  • Pain management to reduce and alleviate abdominal pain

  • Reduce water retention through stimulating and draining techniques

  •  Aid in the improved appearance of cellulite and localised fat*

  • Increase circulation, oxygenation of skin tissue

  • Stimulate the elimination of toxins

  • Helps to firm and shape body contours

  • Aid lymphatic system performance, thereby improving energy levels and reduce lethargy


*It is recommended for all clients on this treatment to be supporting the treatment through a healthy diet and lifestyle

60 minutes £60

90 minutes £80

For 90 minutes please call Reception

Akwaterra Massage

Award-winning massage - four matching pairs of ergonomically designed sandstone pods are taking the art of massage to a whole new level. The heated pods are used to massage the body for a profound and sensory massage. Akwaterra unique massage tools, relieve muscle tension and induce complete relaxation. Originally devised in the South of France, Steph co-created the UK protocol for the Akwaterra massage in 2020. Highly recommended to improve overall body and mind well-being. Perfect for those who enjoy heat therapy massages.

Warm Akwaterra Massage can help support you in;

  • Improve wellbeing both physical and psychological

  • The heat (between 45-55C) allow for easier manipulation of muscle, fascia and connective tissue, to work deeply with less pressure required

  • Deep relaxation and can ease conditions such as stress, burnout, anxiety and insomnia

  • Improve range and efficiency of mobility

  • Heat therapy is known for reducing pain signals, pain spasms, joint discomfort and muscle tension

60 minutes £60

90 minutes £80

For 90 minutes please call Reception

Pre & Post Natal Massage

Specialist massage to support expectant or new mothers through these changes with the application of restorative massage. A key focus is to treat areas of need, improving posture and body functioning. Pre and post -natal massage therapy is beneficial for those looking to reducing stress, anxiety, aid recovery, maintain flexibility, good posture and improve health & wellbeing.

Pre & Post Massage can help support you in;

  • Improve wellbeing both physical and psychological

  • Prenatal massage is beneficial for hormone regulation, reducing swelling and improvement with nerve pain

  • Prenatal massage is beneficial in treating morning sickness, headaches, back pain, sciatica and heartburn

  • Postnatal massage helps to restoring the body’s balance and alignment reducing post-partum pain.

  • Postnatal massage can help treat hip and back pain, water retention, fatigue and depression.

  • Aid the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which is key to assisting the body during these changes

  • Improve and elevate mood in addition to lowering stress levels 

60 minutes £55