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Physical Balance Terms and Conditions 

By purchasing memberships, packages or pay as you go classes or services from Physical Balance it is automatically accepted and agreed upon to be bound by these terms and conditions. 

On selecting the monthly membership options, packages or pay as you go, participants will be required to pay the fees in advance.  


Memberships are recurring monthly subscriptions. Membership Fees will be debited monthly, using their given bank debit/credit card, for the minimum 1-month term from the term start date. 


Your second monthly membership fee will be collected one month after you have joined and will be collected on the same date. 


Memberships are based on ‘credits or sessions per month’. This is the same for all months no matter how many days, and are to be used at the customers discretion – if a customer would like to purchase extra credits for the longer, more than 4 weeks months, these can be purchased at a preferential top up rate in addition to their usual membership. 


The preferential top rate will only apply to the longer months and will correspond to the membership purchased. For example, four sessions a month will equal one extra credit and eight sessions a month will get two. Please contact us for your unique discount codes. 


Monthly membership charges will continue on a rolling monthly basis, with payments being taken from the card provided in your profile at time of sign up. 

Cancellation requests must be sent via email at least one month prior to the subscription renewal date.  Please email  


Management reserves the right to alter, amend or change the Terms & Conditions from time to time. Please refer to our LegitFit portal or our website where you are able to view at any time. 


Physical Balance Membership, Packages & Pay as You Go Terms and Conditions 

Payment and Monthly Fees 


1.1) Full payment is required in advance of any training programme beginning regardless of usage.

1.2) There are no refunds in whole or in part.  


1.3) Memberships, Packages or Pay as You Go are non-transferrable.


1.4) Memberships and membership benefits can be frozen for minimum one month and maximum 3 months. This request must be made in writing no later than one month before renewal is due. 


1.5) One month notice is required of intention to terminate membership. 


1.6) Any failed or overdue payments must be cleared before booking sessions or cancelling memberships. 

1.7) Fees may change. Physical Balance will notify you of any changes one month in advance of the increase being implemented. Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. 


Booking Classes 


2.1) All members must book sessions via our Physical Balance website / Legit Fit Portal or via the LegitFit App. 

2.2) Should you book and cancel your class with more than 24hours notice via the LegitFit App, you will be credited for your session and may re-book within your membership timeframes. Should you book a class and not attend or cancel less than 24 hours before the class, your class credit will automatically be deducted from your account.  


Responsibility for your personal belongings 


3.1) Physical Balance cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen items whilst you are visiting the studio. 


3.2) Bikes and cars are parked at your own responsibility.


Members responsibility 

4.1) Please do not attend the Physical Balance Studio if you are displaying symptoms of Cold or Flu. If you have a foot condition (toenail fungus, verruca, athletes’ foot etc), please wear socks with grips. 

4.2) Our highly trained staff will do their utmost to help with any concerns you have.  We do ask that you are respectful to our staff, as rude or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated.  


4.3) All equipment in the studio should be at the correct setting when you arrive.  If you would like to make any changes, please ask our skilled instructors to assist you with this.  Adjusting equipment without supervision could lead to injury or damage to the equipment, for which you may be held responsible. 


4.4) Physical Balance cannot accept liability for personal injury related to participation in a session online or in-person if: 

  • A doctor has advised against participation in exercise classes. 

  • Instructions or safety techniques are not followed. 

  • Injury is caused by the negligence of another participant. 

  • Medical conditions or injuries are not disclosed at the start of a session or class. 


4.5) General group classes are not suitable if: 

  • You are pregnant or less than 12 weeks postnatal. 

  • You have specific conditions or injuries requiring 1:1 attention. 

  • You have not been cleared to attend a group class post-injury or surgery. 


4.6) Wear appropriate exercise clothing. Yoga mats are provided, but participants can bring their own. 

4.7) Work at a level suitable for your ability and take adjustments where necessary.  

4.8) Please arrive on time for your 1:1 session. For group classes, kindly arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled start to avoid disrupting an ongoing session. Please check in at reception. You must have completed a medical questionnaire ahead of your appointment if you are attending for the first time. 

4.9) If you prefer instructors not to make hands-on corrections, kindly notify them at the beginning of your class.  

Cancellation Policy

5.1) Please use your online LegitFit portal or app to notify of cancellation. More than 24 hours' notice is required for booked classes. Failure to do so or unattendance will be recognised as a late cancellation, and your credit will be withdrawn*

*We understand that cancellations may be inevitable, and depending on circumstances, we will do our best to re-book you at a time that works for you and your instructor. 

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