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Blood Spot Removal 

using Advanced Electrolysis

Blood spots or red moles are common skin growths made up of a collection of small blood vessels. They can develop on most areas of the body and usually found on people over the age of 30. They’re also known as cherry angiomas or Campbell de Morgan spots. 


Blood spots are a type of skin growth that is typically not any cause for concern unless it bleeds often or changes in size, shape or colour. Blood spots can be easily removed using Advanced Electrolysis and normally only require 1 treatment*. You will usually be able to have multiple spots removed in one session. Treatment time is 15 minutes.


*in some cases of larger sized blood spots, a course of treatments may be needed and will be discussed at your appointment.

About this treatment

Red Blood Spots are often bright red in colour and circular or oval in shape. They can be flat on the skin or raised spots. Most often found on the torso, arms, legs and sometimes face. Their size can range from a pinhead to 0.5cm. 


The exact cause of Red Blood Spots is unknown, but they have been linked to a genetic factor that can mean some people are much more likely to develop them than others. They can also occur in pregnancy, from exposure to certain chemicals & in different climates. 


Once a Red Blood Spot has been treated there will be an initial redness in the area. This will usually go down after a couple of hours and aftercare will be discussed with you. You will notice over the next 2-4weeks the spot will turn brown as the healing process begins and a small scab forms; this will then naturally fall off and the skin will be healed underneath. 

Red Blood Spot Removal Fees


For full details on private medical insurance and our cancellation policy, please visit the Our Fees page.

*We accept payment by all major credit & debit cards, excluding American Express. Alternatively, we are happy for you to pay via BACS. (Unfortunately, we are no longer able accept cheques).

If you have private medical insurance, please be aware that individual policies vary, and we cannot legislate for which services your provider and policy will or will not cover for you. We therefore recommend you contact your private medical insurance company with your policy details and check ahead of booking your appointment.

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